C. L. R. James and Creolization: Circles of Influence

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The 1st heaven is where we live…earth. May the Lord God bless you with you with wisdom and understanding! Hello I had a vision of a gate closing very fast and then it was closed, I read this article and I dont think that was a good thing what I saw, if you could share some clarifications on this I would really appreciate this. Very interesting. Share something about portholes. My life experience lead me to a dramatic experience with God. Later I was told by a mystic it was a portal. I sat at a wedding my heart was so taken in by my beautiful family then I felt the presence of love in the air and everything seemed to fade to the background.

Are You Ready for Heaven?

My heart opened like a gate and I was showered with all the love. I never felt anything so beautiful in my life. I was stunned.

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God spoke to my heart and said this is unconditional love from God will you revive it? My heart said yes. All I can say is Gods love is perfection there is no other way to describe it.

I felt this force move through my heart healing anything and everything. Tears rained down my face God said you are safe you are home. My entire life was a blur and as if God erased all pain and all that remained was a new pure heart filled with the love of God. Gods final words were I was healed of fear for I had been fearful all my life and it was Love all people in the room healed me and this love can and will heal everything.

Then it was done. I wanted to run and tell everyone at the wedding but what would I say. I remember laughing out loud when God said Love is the answer and we kill ourselves trying to solve everything alone. This love grew within me and is undescrible. Actually I have no thoughts, no worries, no sense of time, no material desires, and know death is not real.

I sometimes feel alone in a world that is upside down. I feel blessed but are there others like me. My heart and marriage were broken and at church a still soft voice pointed out the video. So I bought the book and did the 40 day Love Dare and 30 days in to it Wholla! All about Jesus and taking steps of unconditional love.

Portals of Heaven, Ancient Gates

I got more than my heart fixed? Portals do exit and Love I believe creates them and god must give the go ahead all I can say is God is so beautiful and Jesus lead me right into Gods plan. Why me? I believe I gave up trying to fix myself God asked me if I was ready to go though him and I said yes. Then the book, action steps, then the porthole again I said yes. Jesus is an awesome shepard. I may never understand why this happened to me not everyone at the wedding. I have a question. My question is when God reveals secrets , to us.

Things of such a clearly divine understanding.

What do we do with the knowledge?. Things that draw my attention to the majority beliefs of the world and show me how people of all the faiths are unknowingly being misslead to believe things that are twisted. And i now have the ability to see the reality of revelations coming true. In the way that people i know and talk to that are religious and really even nice people will get offended or mad or begin to preach to me in defense or maybe defiance whenever i bring up a point of view that i have.

So i keep all of my thoughts on paper.

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Ive filled a notebook and been writing in a journal that my kids got me for Christmas. When ever i show anyone my stuff i get looked down on they dismiss me as mental case or get offended i feel really alienated. And if i showed my writing to everyone i believe i would be ridiculed.

So far i keep it to myself and try to live by it.

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I think, at the risk of sounding conceited, their is divine wisdom in it. Not of my own , but of the One who lets us use it. Just be wise with whom you share the mysteries of God with as you have discovered. Continue to exercise discernment and study the Word of God all the more. The Word of God is the foundation which all truth is built upon.

He will never speak to us anything that contradicts His Word. God bless you with discernment and may you be filled with endless revelation from the Lord. I too believe that that a day is coming when we will finally be exposed to gods truth would really love to read your writings I sometimes explain the Bible in ways that I see is not accepted in mainstream. My heart has been to always seek the truth from God. Just about everything I have heard in the church system has been false doctrine.

But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit-just as it has taught you, remain in him. Thank you for your insight! I came to this page today because this morning while I was at work I saw a portal. Three times throughout the morning I saw it, each time in the same location after a few moments it would disappear.

It was like I was seeing the supernatual and the natural at the same time. This is not the first time I have seen what I believe to be the supernatural and the natural simutaneously, but the first time I have seen a portal. Even though I had seen something so miraculous I did not feel the prompting from the Holy Spirit in any way to act on what I saw. I am hoping that you may have further insight to share with me in this particular situation.

Thank you! Then it dawn on me to search more details teachings on this topics as an intercessor we need to seek God for His direction and to find the reason why there is no revival in our country and cities. And how to identify the evil gates in our Nation. After reading your articles and the references from the scripture received understanding and how to apply to breakdown the evil gates and identify the Heavenly Gate over our country. From Malaysia. I have dreams that come to pass.

I doubt them and then it come to past. I have feelings in the Holy Spirit about stuff. I doubt it and then see it come to pass. I prayer for stuff and only God could have done it. I am not sure.

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May I? I have been set free of several deaf and dumb spirits, healed of more than I can fathom, and my son has had some awesome dreams for my wonderful breakthroughs. Can I share for there was a portal mentioned in the dream. I went into the kitchen. Joseph appeared at the backdoor and came in.