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Cynthia Meacham, also among those looking for Fenn's treasure, said she first found out about the treasure in and has made more than trips near her New Mexico home. And for us, that's Madison junction and it's inside [Yellowstone National] park. And the reason that it's Madison junction, is because two of the warmest rivers in the park absolutely halt and stop," Nietzel said.

Several people have gone missing or died trying to find it. In June, New Mexico authorities recovered the body of Colorado pastor Paris Wallace, who went missing after telling his family he was going off to search for the treasure alone. Mitzi Wallace said she and her husband had gone on searches together before, but she was not on the trip that turned fatal. In , authorities found the remains of Randy Bilyeu, whose family said he too went missing while searching for Fenn's treasure.

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Eric Ashby, 31, was the most recent known person to go missing as a result of the great treasure hunt. He was swept away in a rafting accident on the Arkansas River this summer, his friends said, and is presumed dead. Yellowstone Park rangers said they have responded at least a dozen of treasure-related calls since and would prefer those still searching stay away. Fenn said he sympathizes with the victims' families but doesn't feel responsible for those who have lost their lives.

I mean, the grizzly bears alone are something to think about. While Fenn remains tight-lipped about the location, he did admit that someone was just feet away from the location at one time. Try to simplify if you can. That's good advice. All rights reserved. Play ABC News. Missing Colorado rafter was searching for treasure, friends and family say. ABC News. People continue to seek reported hidden treasure in the Rocky Mountains. Trump says transcript of 2nd call with Ukraine president to be released soon.

Fenn says that one hunter got within feet of the treasure, but so far, no one has found it. All someone has to do is solve the clues in the poem and the chest can be theirs.

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Map | Forrest Fenn Treasure

Forrest Fenn in the desert of Santa Fe. None of his tales offer additional clues, but the searchers analyze every word Fenn writes, always hopeful. In the last eight years, around , people have searched for the treasure.

A few have gotten lost or stuck, such as a man stranded in the snow and found the next day by helicopter. Six have died searching: one was caught in winter weather, three drowned and two fell. Fenn has since added tips about staying safe.

Vectorized Forrest Fenn Treasure Map

Another searcher asked, if his truck broke down in the mountains, would Fenn come and take him the rest of the way to the treasure? They are not going to happen upon it. One post discussed safety issues when trying to loot a site, such as how to tell when oxygen is running out in a cave a candle going out is a supposedly a good indication and how to crawl through tunnels without getting stuck.

Members of the group rarely discussed spirit possession. People sometimes posted pictures of artifacts, such as pottery, that they claimed to have found, with the help of the jinn or otherwise. But I found no evidence that anyone in the group had succeeded in uncovering gold artifacts while seeking the jinn's help. Al-Houdalieh found similar failures with the jinn. Given how hard it is to find actual ancient gold coins , people sometimes create forgeries.

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In Egypt, modern-day gold is sometimes molded into coins that are made to look ancient. When looters in the Middle East do find gold coins, the treasure hunters seem to have used metal detectors rather than the jinn. In a paper published last year in the Journal of Field Archaeology, researchers Neil Brodie and Isber Sabrine interviewed six people living in Syria who either are involved in looting or have extensive knowledge of looting activities.

Forrest Fenn Treasure Poem: How Far is Too Far to Walk?

Those interviewed said that metal detectors or massive work gangs that could dig up vast areas of an archaeological site quickly were used to look for coins and sometimes gold coins were discovered. The researchers granted the six people they interviewed anonymity to protect their identity and to allow them to speak freely. Coins are "very easy to loot, very easy to move and very easy to hide" Sabrine told Live Science. Sabrine said that while he hasn't heard stories of people in Syria using the jinn to find gold treasures, it is possible.

Regardless of which method looters use to find artifacts, Sabrine said that some of the most interesting looted artifacts from Syria may not appear on the antiquities market until years after the civil war in Syria ends. The war has been raging since and has killed hundreds of thousands of people and forced millions of Syrians to flee their homes. Owen Jarus writes about archaeology and all things about humans' past for Live Science. Owen has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Toronto and a journalism degree from Ryerson University.


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He enjoys reading about new research and is always looking for a new historical tale. Some looters operating near the city of Ramallah in the West Bank have turned to spirit possession in hopes of finding gold treasure, research shows.

Live Science investigation Curious to learn more about this connection between looters and the jinn, I launched my own investigation. How do looters really find gold coins?