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Then I started this and so many plots were set into motion that I'm not sure how she can wrap them all up in one more bo I can't say this is my favorite Robin Hobb book, but that is like saying it is not my favorite type of chocolate. Then I started this and so many plots were set into motion that I'm not sure how she can wrap them all up in one more book. But that is all that this book did was set things into motion. Blasphemy I know! Close to 5 stars. This trilogy is murdering me right in the feelings.

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I'm almost afraid to read the third book - I need an emotional breather for a bit before I dive in. I'll be doing a video review on Hobb's first three fantasy trilogies no spoilers after I finish Tawny Man, so stay tuned for more thoughts. I'm enjoying this Trilogy so far even more than the previous two in the series. Robin Hobb's writing is either getting better or I am just increasingly more invested in the characters of her world - probably both. Either way, Hobb's characterization is second to none.

She can make you feel the joy of friendship rekindled or the rift of a lover's quarrel or the grief that come's with a close companion's death. Let us now pause a moment to remember NightEyes The other thing that made this book v I'm enjoying this Trilogy so far even more than the previous two in the series.

The other thing that made this book very enjoyable was the audio narration by Nick Taylor. Somehow he just nailed exactly how I imagine certain character's voices in my head. Namely Fitz, the Fool, and Chade. On the other hand the French accents for Kettricken and Dutiful were a stroke of genius and now I can't imagine them sounding any other way. Our story picks up right after the events of book one. On the surface of things the plot takes a step back, slowing right down as Fitz reconnects with his old life at Buck Keep. Some relationships are renewed while others are deliberately avoided.

Fitz' foster son, Hap, is settled into a trade apprenticeship in Buck Town. Fitz explores his relationship with the hedgewitch Jinna.

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Fitz establishes his cover as Tom Badgelock, Lord Golden's serving man come bodyguard. Nothing much appears to be happening plot wise. Yet Robin Hobb has that ability to make the simple pleasures of walking through Buck Town or raiding the kitchens of the Keep such delightful experiences, recalling fond memories of Fitz' childhood and coming of age in the Farseer Trilogy.

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I'm making it sound boring but it's not really. Part of the reason why those moments are to be treasured is because they are snippets of light that stand out in stark contrast to the darker undertones and more sinister intrigues permeating the story. And though the pace may seem to have slowed down in some regards it actually hurtles forward in other ways.

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There was no point where I was bored or felt the story was getting bogged down and needed to move along. There is actually a lot going on. Fitz has so much to deal with he doesn't have time to scratch himself.

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This time he is no longer Chade's apprentice and his role is a lot more fluid as he is thrown back into the intrigues of the Six Duchies and court of Buck Keep. This time he returns as The Skillmaster, assigned to assemble and train a coterie of skill users for Prince Dutiful - even though his own Skill training was limited and twisted and he has nearly as much to learn as his students. When he's not doing that he is a royal Spymaster - assigned to dig out secrets while keeping his own and the crown's well covered. And yes, if the need should arise, he will again assume the role of Royal Assassin.

Whenever problems arise, killing is always on the table as an option, whether the problem be a simpleton who knows too much or Piebalds lurking somewhere in town.

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And Fitz has all his old Assassin's tools honed and ready to use - whether it be foresight to be able to avoid violence altogether - or ruthless pragmatism combined with herbal lore to inflict death by food poisoning - or whether it be cold steel when gutting one's enemy is all that's left to do. Fitz lovers are advised to consider using the dead tree edition of this book in preference to electronic devices that are vulnerable to shock damage.

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Be also advised that no characters in the book are able to hear you no matter how hard you yell at the pages. If you must yell and are using an electronic device take care to cover any exposed ports as device manufacturers generally don't provide warranty for moisture damage.

View all 16 comments. Aug 20, Penny rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , adventure , favourites. More of the same awesomeness on to the next one! If I want to approach this book in a subjective way, I would say it definitely is a filler and a set up for events to come. I could never imagine someone writing day-to-day life and make it not boring as masterfully as Robin Hobb did in this book. My favorite setting so far in the Realm of the Elderlings -despite all of the exotic places that we visited- has got to be Buckkeep and Bucktown.

I don't know call me nostalgic but just reading the description of that place give me all the fuzzies and warm feelings. So when I saw that Golden Fool was mostly set there, I didn't even care that nothing else was happening except following the daily lives of our characters, why do you ask? Because of this lovely thing called Character Development. The combination of the massive character growth along with Hobb's magical writing made this book a fantastical experience for me, it's thought provoking, emotional, touching, mysterious and overall unforgettable.

Not to mention that I have never read about a character with Down Syndrome before in fantasy, I'm still not sure how I feel about the character itself, but I thought it was an admirable and intriguing inclusion to a wide cast of wonderful and diverse characters. I'm at this point currently where I'm just thankful that I have this series in my life :' Fool's Fate here I come! Fool's Errand: 5 Stars here's my review Shelves: fantasy. My dear goodread friends Halima says I should totally read this book. Let's find out if she is right about it ;.

View all 5 comments. This book was good, but for the most part I felt like it was just filling in the story between the first and the third book in this Tawny Man trilogy. Not a lot happens, and everything is a build-up to the big adventure we will encounter in book three. I wasn't at any point eager to get back to this book and read it, but when I did read I liked it because it is entertaining and in many ways thought-provoking. Fitz is a likeable man, and that goes for almost all of the other characters as well.

So This book was good, but for the most part I felt like it was just filling in the story between the first and the third book in this Tawny Man trilogy. So while it wasn't my favourite of Robin Hobb's, it was still an enjoyable read that however left me somewhat bored through parts of it. More of the same, if that more included staying up way too late each night, ignoring my life so I can pretend I'm a something royal bastard assassin and visceral emotions running the gamut from horror to delight to despondency to the sad slow head shake of inevitability.

So crazily well written it hurts.

Fool's Assassin & Fool's Quest (reviews) By Robin Hobb

My only complaint is people in this book need to stop concerning themselves about what goes on in two consenting adults's bedchambers. Evolve already! Here we are again, the middle book of a Hobb trilogy. I really think she hits her stride in these second books. The pace has built up a bit from the first, and it sets up the third one nicely. There were a couple of emotional scenes in this that are certainly appreciated by a long time reader of this overall series.

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I won't go into it, but they alone made this book something special. I hope they are a good preview of what's to come in Book 3, which I'll be starting soon. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Right then. Firstly, this isn't really going to be a proper review. All the Realm of the Elderlings books that I have read to this point have been unique, well written and have impressed me.

This one is no different and I would hate to sound like a broken record. Also if your looking at reviews for this book then you should already know by now how good Hobb is at grand stories, real characters and character development, and tormenting the reader with a fantastic plot.

If your looking at reviews Right then. If your looking at reviews for this book and you've not read any of the previous books then leave this review and read Assassins Apprentice right away. This is going to be my overall thoughts and may be a little bit of a ramble. I am incredibly passionate about these books and more importantly the characters of Fitz and the Fool. One major thing that annoyed me with this book was that on the back of the edition that I read uk cover it mentions the quest to go and kill the dragon Icefyre.

The way it is worded suggests that it would be the main plot point for this book. However they do not even leave to go this quest by the end of the book. A little misleading in my opinion.

derivid.route1.com/el-reino-de-fabio-un-cuento.php Now to the good stuff. This book was definitely where we learn so much more about the Fool.