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Please allow another 2 weeks for shipping outside Estonia. Add to basket Quantity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Delivery time weeks. Larger Image. Description Goodreads reviews What will convince people that nonviolence is not the path of the weak but the path of the strong?

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Despite the fact that two of the 20th century's most monumental campaigns for social change, the civil rights movement and the drive for Indian independence, achieved their aims through nonviolent action, the world continues to view nonviolence as a passive and largely ineffectual tactic, all show and no substance. Facebook 0 Twitter LinkedIn 0. Peacework: Prayer, Resistance, Community Enemies and How to Love Them Walking the Way by John Dear From Violence to Wholeness Drawing on his longer works — and a series of shorter booklets that Nagler has produced over the years — this handbook has succeeded in clarifying the power and potential of nonviolence in simple and direct terms.

I came away from reading it with the sense that every word was considered, weighed and deliberately chosen — and that this elemental precision was the result, not simply of scrupulous editing, but of a lifetime of reflection and experimentation. In the short space of this book, Nagler lifts up many dimensions of the nonviolent life.

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Here are only a few of them. Nonviolent change is possible because it is the human default, not the exception.

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But it also means that we have constructed cultures and societies that upend this potential — privilege and reinforced violence, separation and domination. In exegeting these increasingly familiar notions, Nagler stresses a number of key points.

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First, though it is natural, nonviolence does not come easily. It often involves struggle.

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Though this is not a new idea it is a common enough experience for those who try to live the nonviolent life or make social change his explanation is illuminating: This very struggle is the source of nonviolent power. To confront injustice — everything that is not nonviolent — often unleashes anger and fear.

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Second, the person is not the problem. We are called to transform conflict before it becomes intractable — and to be equipped to take action, including risky action, when it does. There are many more themes in this book, as well as suggested practices and directions for going forward.

Most of all, Nagler provides a coherent framework for understanding the dynamics and possibilities of nonviolent power. Nagler highlights this accessibility by adding a list of key ideas and principles we can review on the run.

bsr2018.zppdon.ru/xml/history/1561-code-magazine.php But something this short also has its drawbacks, including a dearth of deeply analyzed stories or examples that are the foundation for such ideas and principles. It is up to us to engage with these stories on our own, which Nagler encourages by providing a select bibliography and a list of websites — including this one. A more explicit focus on the role of nonviolence in educating, winning and mobilizing the populace — as the late Bill Moyer framed it in his book Doing Democracy — would strengthen this volume.

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The closest we get to this here is in the marvelous foreword by Ann Wright, a retired Army colonel who resigned from her posting at the U. State Department on the eve of the U.

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She is working relentlessly to build the people power that we so sorely need to make the fundamental changes the world requires to survive and thrive.