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I play fanatic and use it for my single target farm and sometimes AOE my gear isn't that great yet. I love it because it's very much an arcane machine gun with mana bolts and flamebolt lightning morph.

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It is very good at single target farm with flame freerunner which allows you to keep going mob to mob if you get last hit. I also take lightning overwhelm to use with frigid tracks on elite charging mobs like commanders and knights as it holds them in place to then pop fury, use swordfall and finish them off with flamebolt. Just a question about Fanatic, what is your weapon? May be Scepter and shield phys?


Thanks for your answer! Fanatic, spellsinger AND zealot are 3 good classes that you could probably keep alternating between for certain circumstances. If the Dance of Spellcasting is interrupted by successfully striking the spellsinger or otherwise halting her in mid-dance, she still makes the proficiency check, but with a -4 penalty -- plus another -4 penalty per minimum round missed, if any so, if she was attempting to cast a 5th level spell but only danced for 3 rounds before being interrupted, she suffers a whopping penalty.

If the proficiency check succeeds, the spell goes off.


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If it fails, it doesn't. But if the result of the roll is a 0 or less, the spellsinger gets a Critical Failure, which means the spell goes off - but goes terribly wrong. An attack spell affects the spellsinger or an ally, a defense spell is applied to an enemy or inverts itself, basically whatever the DM feels is an appropriate twist. Spellsingers also have the ability to pool their efforts, whereupon a group of three to eight spellsingers can attempt to cast the same spell as a collective unit - which, of course, requires they all know of the important details the spell to cast, its target, etc and agree to do it.

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For obvious reasons, spellsinger pools tend to be made up of spellsingers with little-to-no level gap. Before the pool can cast, they must spend one minute turn per level of the desired spell preparing themselves for what they are about to do. Jump to: navigation , search. Mechanics [ edit ] Save for the notes presented below, and the entirely unique Spellcasting System, spellsingers function as per wizards. Ability Prerequisites: Dexterity 15, Intelligence 15, Wisdom 15 Race Restriction: Human , Half-Elf - there are stories that there were once Elf Spellsingers too, but there are no known elfish spellsingers in the era when the splatbook was set.

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Focused Class: A spellslinger cannot multiclass or dual-class. Spellsingers use a d6 hit dice, instead of the wizard's traditional d4; they get more exercise and so are heartier. Spellsingers cannot wear any form or armor, nor wear shields.

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Spellsingers can employ all magical items usable by wizards , but cannot create magic items. A spellsinger with access to a 20ft diameter area in which to dance in can perform a Dance of Evasion, which reduces her AC by 1 point per level.

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