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When the selection for acting sect master finally arrived, only Situ Beiyan and Long Tianming had enough support from the elders to compete. When the two armies of tens of thousands clashed, they at first appeared to be of equal strength, but then Long Tianming sent out six Dao of Dragon realm experts to fight Situ Beiyan's five. Even though he wished to continue the fight, his father, Hierarch Martialsky told him to surrender.

At first, Long Tianming tried to disqualify Nie Li from competing for being late, but the Hierarchs refused. Then he claimed that Nie Li was cheating by bringing out a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan members, when that didn't work either he accused Nie Li of being backed by the demon clans.

Supreme Demon

When Long Tianming still refused to accepts his loss, Hierarch Linglong revoked his positions and status then sentenced him to ten months house arrest. He also sealed the gates to the sect and rooted out enemy spies. Now that Nie Li had been chosen by his father, Situ Beiyan decided to completely supported Nie Li as the new sect master and was one of his elite followers. He was there when Nie Li announced that the sect would be closed for five years as everyone focused on raising their cultivation. Only attacking the Demon God Sect after they had built up overwhelming power.

Because of his status as the son of the previous sect master he had a good chance at the position, however he was suddenly assassinated by Long Tianming before he got the chance. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Divine Feathers Sect Disciple. Spiritualist Rank.

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This war halberd was 10 feet long and released bursts of fierce black light. The shaft of the halberd was etched with compact and complex patterns. This was impressively a quasi-Saint artifact! Counting this unknown black halberd, the Asura Divine Kingdom had continually revealed two quasi-Saint artifacts and one Saint artifact.

Imperial Scholar Xuan

Among them, although the Demon God Heartguard mirror was a quasi-Saint level artifact, because it was a defensive treasure its value was in no way inferior to an offensive Saint artifact. He seemed like a god that overlooked mortals, looking down at the world with arrogance and contempt! A loud ringing cry emerged from the black war halberd, followed by an endless amount of energy that extended outwards like a growing galaxy.

Facing this terrifying strike, Old Man Good Fortune still rode on his green ox. His blue clothes gently waved in the wind. With a calm expression, he lifted his hands and drew a line downwards. A star-like energy suddenly appeared like a fleeting illusion, falling down and cutting off the world.

However, just as his attack reached 10 feet away, it simply vanished into the void, disappearing forever. It was like an invisible endless abyss had appeared in front of Old Man Good Fortune.

Any energy that came towards him simply faded away with no trace left! All of the martial artists watching from afar were dumbfounded. Old Man Good Fortune still calmly rode his green ox, his blue clothes fluttering in the wind. At this time, although Old Man Good Fortune was standing still and seemed close by, the truth was that he was in a completely separate world. Between him and Situ Haotian was an invisible moat that could not be crossed.


No matter what sort of monstrous supernatural strength came rushing towards him, it would all fall into this unknown space, unable to harm even a single hair of Old Man Good Fortune. Lin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air. The Concepts of Space, Thunder, and Fire were all the same in that they were divided into multiple levels. Until now, Lin Ming had only encountered a single level, and that was to distort and shrink space. His elusive and ghostly attacks and movements all depended on this. With his first attack unsuccessful, Situ Haotian was still calm without the least bit of panic.

Everything had gone as he had expected. Since this first move failed, then here is the second! As Situ Haotian spoke to here he suddenly emitted a loud shout. In that instant, a savage dragon seemed to awaken within his body. His joints began to emit popping sounds and his muscles rose, bulging out in all directions.

SiTU HARNS - Het is altijd anders, als je denkt.

His body began to grow, and in just several breaths of time he actually grew a whole 10 feet taller. His muscles had become as hard as rock. His face was ferocious and ravenous, and both his eyes were a bright blood red. At this time, he was filled with insufferable arrogance, like a demon god that had arrived in the world, overlooking all of existence!

As Lin Ming saw Situ Haotian morph his body, he was startled.


This was… just how had he done this? In that moment, he could clearly feel a rich and pure Giant Demon bloodline from within Situ Haotian. The first mass had been absorbed by the Magic Cube and the second mass was given to Demonshine. Lin Ming asked with a true essence sound transmission. Whether it was crossing Life Destruction or his life or death struggle with Situ Yaoyue, Lin Ming had a chance of dying. This sort of bloodline is far inferior to your own Ancient Phoenix bloodline.

Those Ancient Giant Demons had a bloodline that contained a powerful strength. However, what Situ Haotian used was the blood essence of the Ancient Giant Demons and what Lin Ming had was only the most ordinary blood of the Ancient Phoenix, and the quantity was far less too. As Lin Ming was engaged in these thoughts, he suddenly heard a martial artist near him cry out in alarm. Battle Demon Emperor Body, that is also another kind of divine body!