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Smith told Mrs. Many invitations. You were such a success. Smith had a gray velvet cloak. Bell returned with it, settled it slowly over her shoulders. He was reluctant to release her.

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They were walking outside, Mrs. On the steps, they joined a crowd waiting for carriages. To the right were the Mills family and that peevish, gossipy attorney, Henry Halleck. Smith said. Everyone could hear her. Smith and Mrs. Radford were alone in their carriage. The ride to the country was a long one. It seemed as though Mrs. Smith had deliberately humiliated her. Radford asked. Or your ideas about love and beauty. The carriage rocked.

Smith asked. The carriage wheel hit a stone. It threw Mrs. Radford against Mrs. Smith caught her by the arm. This was the last party Mrs. Radford would attend in San Francisco. One month later she left on a boat filled with missionaries going to Hawaii.

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One year later she was one of only seven white women in Edo, Japan. From there she sailed to Russia; from there she made her way to Peking. She died somewhere near Chungking at the age of seventy-four. In , many years after her death, Selim Woodworth received a message from her. It was a bedraggled note, crumpled, carried in a pocket, trod upon, lost, left out in the rain.

Even the stamps were indecipherable. Radford had been when she wrote those words. Selim Woodworth had been dead himself for more than thirteen years. Radford had left behind. The streets were paved. The sand was landscaped. Cable cars ran up and down Nob Hill. There were still many more men than women in the city.

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This imbalance resulted in a high percentage of unrequited passions. Afflicted men consoled themselves with horse racing, graft, and most frequently, liquor. The destabilizing effects of widespread heartache combined with widespread drunkenness were somewhat alleviated by the rigging of local elections. The city was propelled in equal parts by drunken abuse and sober recompense. In those days every steamer that docked in San Francisco Bay was fitted with a large box. After the wreck of the SS Rio de Janeiro, one of these boxes was found floating past Alcatraz Island, and miraculously, the money was still inside.

When levered open, the box contained rubles and yen, lire and pesos, all shuffled together like cards.

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Some of the coins were worn so thin there was no picture at all, just a polished disk with no clue remaining as to its history or origin. Occasionally during rough seas someone would donate a holy medallion, usually Saint Christopher. One box held a single amethyst earring with a small drop pearl. It was still charity, it was still begging, but it bore the semblance of adventure. Lizzie Hayes wore one of the more puzzling coins on a chain around her neck, so whenever they looked at her, the people of San Francisco would be reminded that she needed their money.

The coin was imprinted with a mermaid curled into a circle, her hair so wide and wild it netted the tip of her own tail. If anyone asked, Lizzie said it was the currency of Atlantis. She had few intimate friends, but attended two churches, Grace Church and St. In she was a spinster who had just seen her fortieth birthday. She was working in the cupola one day in January, sorting through a box of donated books, when one of the older girls came to tell her Mrs.

Mary E. Pleasant was at the door. She wiped herself with her apron and went downstairs at once.

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Pleasant could ride. Pleasant walked the half-block to the car, and it seemed to Lizzie that she had walked as slowly as possible. She had given the driver an enormous, showy tip. Lizzie had also seen Mrs. Pleasant on occasion in her opulent Brewster buggy with its matched horses from the Stanford stables.

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Pleasant dressed like a servant, but she had her own driver in green livery and a top hat, and also her own footman to attend her. It was one of the most famous in the city, appearing often in editorial cartoons, particularly in the Wasp. Although actually the last drawing had not used her face.

Instead, a black crow had peered out from underneath Mrs.

She had a small green snake tattooed in a curl around one breast. She could restore the luster to pearls by wearing them. Does her attitude toward them change during the course of the story? How does her discovery about Jenny affect these feelings? What role does Ti Wong play in the story? How does he change after his near-fatal bout with diphtheria?


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Is this what she believes her entire life to be, one brilliant invention after another? Learn More About Sister Noon print. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Try Storytel. San Francisco in the s is a town of contradictions. Lizzie Hayes, a docile, middle-aged spinster, is praised for her volunteer work with the Ladies' Relief and Protection Society Home. When the wealthy but ill-reputed Mary Ellen Pleasant shows up with an orphan in tow, Lizzie is drawn to them both.