C. L. R. James and Creolization: Circles of Influence

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Scholars Press. Prior to this event, the different powers of divinity were harmoniously balanced without any apparent individuation or differentiation.

Kabbalah On The Shattering Of the Vessels

In particular, the opposing forces of Mercy Hesed and Stern Judgment Din existed in a state of complete unity. This resulted in a separation between Din and Hesed and the establishment of a measure of independence for the forces of Din.

Shattered Vessels: Memory, Identity, and Creation in the work of David Shahar

This illuminating ray serves as a permanent link between Ein Sof and the empty space. The latter is described with vivid anthropomorphic detail. They were atomized or separated into different sefirot so as to require their containment in special vessels or qelim.

In the process of emanation, however, some of these vessels were unable to contain the fight within them, and consequently shattered under the pressure, scattering themselves into the empty space. In the wake of this event, most of the light that had been contained in the vessels returned to their divine source, while the remainder fell below into the empty space and attached themselves to the now broken shards of vessels.

In addition to constituting the source of evil, the broken shards are also the basis for the material world. The sparks of light that failed to return to their source above remained trapped, as it were, among the qelipot.

Matthew Kressel - 36 Days of Judaic Myth: Day 3, The Shattered Vessels

The qelipot , in turn, are constantly nourished and strengthened by the holy sparks attached to them. Indeed, were it not for these sparks, the qelipot would lose their life and power altogether. The challenge which Lurianic teaching now faced was to determine how to mend the injury suffered by the Godhead. Tikkun refers to the processes by which restoration and repair were to be accomplished.

They constitute the greatest part of Lurianic theory and are complex in the extreme. Collage by Lisa Coleman.

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