C. L. R. James and Creolization: Circles of Influence

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Studios alongside head engineer Matt LaPlant. Jason has also co-founded the indie label powerhouse Bieler Bros. Jason has written, produced and performed on releases that have sold into the millions.

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So learning life lessons from that I have created an even more musically diverse endeavor. The procession of sketches features an awe-inspiring assortment of attire, transforming the players into everything from dowager-draped old ladies to colonial soldiers to an assortment of lower lifeforms.

OWL STRETCHING - 'The Lizard 2011' featuring Jason Bieler

The small size of the playing area also proves a hindrance. The opening routine, featuring a verbose police inspector Konkle over-explaining a murder, is sabotaged by performers practically bumping into each other.

Barn Owl stretching its wing from lingcaslirola.tk

Later, limited space robs sketch about the machinations of a sex-starved colonial soldier Michael Lindsay attempting to compromise the company goat of its vitality. Many bits simply outlast their comic possibilities.

Some of the sketches hit their intended mark, despite the energy-sapping, inexplicably long blackouts between bits. Konkle is properly understated as a marriage broker attempting to satisfy the demands of a mild-mannered serial killer Beeler who dispatches his brides soon after the nuptials. TV talkshow host Neill does a proper job of driving guest Lindsay into a state of apoplectic fury by not allowing him to get a word in. Gino C. Vianelli has little to do but carry props on and off.

With his confused, often mumbling persona, he appears to be performing in a different show altogether. The email you used to create your account. The last part of your Myspace URL.

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