C. L. R. James and Creolization: Circles of Influence

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Abstract The recovery of 3D human pose with monocular camera is an inherently ill-posed problem due to the large number of possible projections from the same 2D image to 3D space. Our novel proposed framework consists of two major contributions. Firstly, the RGB image and its calculated height-map are combined to detect the landmarks of 2D joints with a dual-stream deep convolution network.

Secondly, we formulate a new objective function to estimate 3D motion from the detected 2D joints in the monocular image sequence, which reinforces the temporal coherence constraints on both the camera and 3D poses. Experiments with HumanEva, Human3. Moreover, the evaluation results on HumanEva indicates that the performance of our proposed single-view approach is comparable to that of the multi-view deep learning counterpart. Please log in to get access to this content Log in Register for free.

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Missing Markers Reconstruction

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Full-Body Human Motion Capture from Monocular Depth Images | SpringerLink

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Gupta, S. Fischler, M.


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ACM 56 1 , — CrossRef. Zhang, D. We show that estimation of controller structure through incremental optimization and refinement leads to controllers that are more stable and that better approximate the reference motion. We demonstrate our approach by capturing sequences of walking, jumping, and gymnastics. We evaluate the results through qualitative and quantitative comparisons to video and motion capture data.

www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/myzocaqen/545-localizzazione-rete.php Full size movie QuickTime, 85 MB. Comments, questions to Marek Vondrak. Paper Download PDF 6.

Learnable Triangulation of Human Pose (accurate marker-less motion capture)