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And a cloud was stationed over her tent.

But that is another story. Throughout the time she was known as Sarai, she continuously showed her royal nature and embraced her role as founder of a nation. However, what made her a truly gifted and insightful ruler was that, while having shed the name Yiscah, Sarai retained its essence in her core.

And she demonstrated clearly that the gift of prophecy remained with her throughout her days. The most profound example of this is in her dealings with her maidservant Hagar.

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When Sarai was unable to conceive after many years of marriage, she decided to give her maidservant to her husband as a surrogate. This could not have been an easy decision, but one that would have required her to be both selfless and steadfast. According to the sages, the reason the Torah chose to mention her voice at all is because there was an element of divine inspiration within it.

And it is representative of the idea that only then did He see fit to give her a child. It was significant because not only did it show that Sarah was powerful in the natural world and had secured the dynasty, but, considering her age, it proved that she was a woman worthy of the greatest of miracles. Although she was ninety and had obviously aged, her hair turned black again. She had an abundance of milk and nursed them all. It is said that the infants nursed by her were rewarded in this world, and grew to be rulers.

And only this allowed her to truly begin the dynasty of Abraham and Sarah, thus fulfilling her destiny of being a princess to the nations. Her loss was profound, because all of her surroundings had benefited in her merit. She left the world a changed place because of her strength and insight. She led her life with a clear vision and purpose. She had the courage to follow her own convictions, no matter how progressive they were at the time.

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She led her life as a role model for women of her era. Sarah can teach the modern Jewish woman a thing or two. We must seek truth in our world, and not be afraid to live according to those truths. And we must not be afraid to speak up when those truths are questioned. We must know that we have inherited a gift from our mother Sarah, and passed down through the generations of mothers following her.

We must live our lives as if we, too, can change the world. Happy Mother's Day. I totally agree with you, Beit Shemesh. How is the reverse and to what extent? Is the question can a man affect a woman? What do you think made Sarah great? Here Sarah became a great naviah. And Avraham is called a tefel b'navuah to Sarah. That doesn't mean Avraham was less. Avraham was a bigger navi. Only Avraham was always in the street arguing with people. And when you argue you get excited so the schinah is not always able to rest on you.

Sarah was magayeres es hanashim in her own home. So Sarah lived a tranquil life and therefore the navuah could come upon her more frequently.

But Sarah was the result of Avraham's tutelage. Avraham was her rebbe, no question. I loved this!!

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Just some weeks ago, I was sharing with some sisters over at church about how we are asked to emulate sarah. It was a fruitful session and we were planning to continue it as soon as we can. I am happy i stumbled upon this and I can't wait to share this link with them!!!

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Thank you Nechema, God bless you. Very informative. It's a blessing to hear the truth of the past. Ladies in current day business Hi everyone and thank you for the info regarding Sarah. Most enlightening. Women and Faith and their role in society from the perspective of 3 faiths. Brilliant podcast. On to Sarah; she is mentioned as a role model in the bible and I agree.

As a male I would like to ask the opinion of my learned colleagues out there as to their opinion of the role of Ladies in the current day society. Has the role of the Lady in the household been eroded with the current business climate and the fact that Ladies are tasked with leading major companies?



I often wonder whether this has been to the benefit of Ladies or to their detriment in this male-centric society. Many thanks and regards Craig Reply. Thanks Thanks for all the extra information about the Matriarch Sarah. My bible does not have all that info like how Sarah nursed all the other babies. How awesome is that? That is one of the reasons I love chabad. Thanks again. Sarah Thank you for an enlightening 'shiur' - beautifully written.

Inspiring Article Quite lovely. Thank you! I have also read that the jewish sage If I can put it that way philo mentions about them and goodness associated with them-sadly some of the monastic groups didnt allow woman. I feel woman have as much right as a man to join a monastic group if they so desire,so I dont really think it was wrong for sarah to have been attracted to monasticism. In my religion-hinduism people desirous ie those who would like to pay attention what path the religious books show-to choose a hermitage and meditate-ie that only very keen and mentally capable of all its demands.

And my name, Sara, so priveleged I am. What an amazing story to re-read over and over again. Sarah My mother named me after Sarah- to which I feel very blessed. I view her as a role model for the modern women and believe she can teach us a thing or two about being boldly strong independant women. Shriah Bracha Every one seeks a role model. Sarah is a role model that offers every woman, inner stability, resilience, faith, vision, even a miracle, that G-d will grant when we become her daughters and not allow fears and anxieties to unnerve us. Sarah is our mother who shows us what we need to keep striving for--more faith in our G-d.

I love this story and relate myself with it, I'm so proud to have this name. Sarah My motheer's name was Sarah. I now where her beauty, demeanor and love of Judaism came from. Here's a great tip! Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. No Thanks. Subscribe Subscribe.