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Instead, Brown's Sweden is a place of inconsistencies, perplexing omissions, inevitable human frailty and Brown's enthusiastic angling produces some of the most lyrical passages in the book, as he braves mosquitoes and ramshackle country hotels in search of a catch. He writes eloquently about the Swedish countryside, the shining lakes, the long summer days when 'everything floats in a quality of light like mercury' and the water 'glitters like pollen'.

Brown lived for some time in a Swedish forest, where 'the silence among the trees was very deep' and he could fish as much as he liked. To Brown, 'fishing is a form of inquiry. The patient, watchful wonder of the fisherman seems to me the root of all science'. Despite this remark, Brown's fishing is refreshingly unmetaphorical. Delving in the depths, in this book, simply produces a ballan wrasse.

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For Brown, the real - rather banal - truth of Swedish society is the tension created by the imposition of a minority metropolitan liberalism on a fundamentally conservative nation. But it is very different from a genuinely plural one. Coupled with this is a belief that 'herds are good: that the natural state of a human being is as a part of a harmonious society'. For this process of social cohesion to take place, Brown suggests, unwritten rules are required that are 'understood and enforced by almost everyone in the community'.

This is why many Swedes have come to mistrust the project of mass - by their standards - immigration.

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    I see I am the second visitor from the Dominican Republic. Well, I am a Swedish viking in the Caribbean Sea. Post a Comment. My Life As A Swede. Like most expats Brown was lured to Sweden by a spouse. In the late s they married, had a child, and moved into one of the miljonprogrammet suburbs outside of Gothenburg. His first job was working as a labourer in a factory making wooden pallets for Volvo.

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    His only escape from the drudgery of manual labour and lifeless concrete satellite towns was his passion for fishing and writing. As Andrew Brown makes quite clear Sweden in the s was a different place from the Sweden of today. With the welfare state in its prime it was a safer and more egalitarian place. Poverty and crime were practically nonexistent and even the Prime Minister lived an ordinary life equivalent of a schoolteacher.

    But it was also more oppressive and insular with a mood of voluntary conformism making life stifling and restrictive. Brown tells of having to travel 10 miles on a bus to the nearest Systembolaget, and then having to smuggle the empty wine bottle out so as to hide it from the neighbours. Life was completely ruled and regulated by the state and the union movement. Everything was done collectively, for the collective whole, with little room for individuality.