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More unions? Worker-owned coffee shops? However, he can see some potential problems other owners might find with pay transparency, noting that it would likely make it harder to profit while running a business. For now, however, many baristas see these surveys and spreadsheets as a stepping stone in the discussion around transforming shops into healthier and more equitable workplaces. Shortly after Leal learned about the New York spreadsheet, he shared the document with baristas who suspected they were paid less than men doing the same job at the same coffee shop in Brooklyn.

The hope, he says, is that they can use the spreadsheet to call out the discriminatory practices and argue for higher wages. Matthew Sedacca is a writer living in Brooklyn. Carolyn Figel is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and animator. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

Pocket Flipboard Email. Read This First. Sign up for the newsletter Eater. By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy. The Latest. The Russians themselves had denounced the communist ideology and they were embracing principles of human rights. The Russians made far-reaching democratic reforms bringing an end to communist dictatorship.

Humanity was validly hoping for a new era of global peace. How did the West respond? They chose to interpret, in bad faith, the end of the cold war as a defeat of Russia by western power rather than a free decision of their own to end the 70 year old communist experiment. First they encouraged Gorbachev to make the changes, and once Russia was destabilized and weakened, they embarked on a vicious drive for global hegemony.

Nato was not dissolved as was the case with the Warsaw Pact, an action which would have given a clear message that humanity was turning a new page of peace and prosperity. Nato aggressively expanded eastwards near the Russian border despite assurances to the opposite. Nato waged war against Iraq allegedly to free Kuwait even though the Iraqis were ready to withdraw, before the ground attack, in accordance with an initiative by Gorbachev.

Nato waged war against Yugoslavia to help secessionists Croats and Muslims, and in order to destroy Yugoslavia, a Russian ally. Nato waged war against Serbia, a Russian ally, in order to help secessionist Kosovo Albanians. The West covertly supported the Chechen separatists militarily in order to bring Russia to its knees. Nato waged war against Iraq on a ludicrous pretext regarding weapons of mass destruction, and invaded Iraq! Nato waged war against Libya after instigating a civil war. The West instigated a civil war in Syria and was on the verge of attacking Syria had it not been stopped by Russian diplomacy and military deterrence.

The West helped destabilize Ukraine twice in order to prevent pro-Russian Yanukovich from being in power. Generally, it is clear for someone who is honest, with an average IQ, and who is not brain-washed by western media, that the West is trying to encircle and destroy Russia.

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The West is the aggressor and Russia is defending its status as a world power. All of this aggression by the West amounts to millions of dead people including children , misery, poverty and chaos. It is clear that what we are seeing by the West is a full return, with the help of western propaganda, to the fascist and of western origin ideology of "might makes right" aiming to achieve full global control at any cost, in accordance with the western and equally fascist doctrine of "the end justifies the means".

Russia is an obstacle to this barbarity. For the sake of all humanity and civilization, I hope Christian Orthodox Russia is victorious. So you enumerate everything the West did anywhere in the world in three decades and then draw the "logical" conclusion that all that was aimed at harming Russia? Russia has benefited hugely from Western support, both political and economic.

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Since the fall of the USSR it has received hundreds of billions of dollars in investment and technical assistance to develop it's oil and gas businesses. It's been granted access to western markets and western capital. As a result it has had a huge opportunity to diversify and strengthen it's economy, which it's leaders have squandered in a glutinous rush to enrich themselves. Western responses to Russia's policies in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine have been extremely weak. Far from trying to encircle and limit Russian freedom of action, it's been allowed to get away with murder with almost no consequences.

In fact, the west has eagerly even trusted Russia enough to rely on and support it's space program and even to supply Russia with state of the art military equipment - hardly the actions of an aggressive bloc that's been trying to weaken Russia! It was just another ocupation for next 44 years. Thx to perseverance of people it ended after all. I know what im talking about.

Coz i was born in that time in that region. And i saw diference on my own eyes. How chages was rapid and for much better after Now you have answear why it wasn't. Russia occupying Georgia and Ukraine. It was independent decision of that states. They knew how Russian so called sphare of influance looks like for 44 years. They choosed not to be there anymore. The Russian is the only reason why war in Syria is still going on. They support dictator by money and army equpiment.

In order to kill civilians same as it is happening in Ukraine.

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It was Ukrainian nation who made that decision. They saw how big liar and thief this pro-Russian president Yanukovich was. I can give you some raw data. Comrade, Russia is a terrorist state. It is an obstacle to human rights, human dignity and everything that is good. Why do you need to spread your evil to other countries? Why Russia started this war with Ukraine? Why Russia killed millions of Eastern Europeans during and after the the last war.

What do you want? We Orthodox do not use "comrade". We prefer "brother".

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Well, Marxism and Facism may have orginated in the west, but it is Russia which has adopted both with enthusiasm. Having failed in its Marxist experiment it has now turned to Fascism. Let's take a look. Leaders democratically elected during a crisis then make moves to quelch political opposition to maintain power: Hitler - yes; Putin - yes:. Leaders claiming they must protect their ethnic brothers in adjoining countries and using this as an excuse for invasion: Hitler - Czechoslavakia, Austria; Putin - Georgia, Ukraine and likely more to come unless he's stopped now.

And lastly, the true measure of Fascism, leaders parcelling up the economy to enrich their political cronies: Hitler spreading the wealth between Himmler, Goering, Goebels, etc. It is so laughable to hear Putin rail against the Facists in Ukraine. He does this because he understands the knee-jerk reaction the Russian people will have against anyone labeled a Facist. But the fact is, Putin, this Hitler clone, is the biggest Facist since Hitler himself.

And after all the sacrifices the Russians made to defeat facism in WWII, they have now created their own facist government. They had nothing whatever to do with anyone's policy towards Russia or Ukraine, or Russia's treaty guarantees of Ukraine's borders. Why do you insist on continuously changing the subject?

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Is it because you have absolutely nothing you can say to defend Russia's actions? Marxism, fascism, propaganda, holy inquisitions, colonialism, racism All this originated in the West after the western part of the Roman Empire was conquered by barbaric tribes such as Goths, Franks, Teutons and Vandals. Thus they replaced the Orthodox Pope of Rome and installed their own Frankish Pope who became the leader of an Antichritian heresy. This in turn led western man to existential anxiety and evil forcing him to seek comfort in evil ideologies described above. Yes Russia went astray but only for 70 years and now it has returned to the true faith, whereas the West is still in darkness for years and is too proud to return to the Orthodox Church.