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We will relate these notions and the questions they raised to the abc conjecture and the Lehmer conjecture. The idea of his proof seems to be to use a and b to construct an elliptic curve E, then show that if abc is wrong you get an E with too many torsion points over quadratic extensions of the rational numbers. Maybe someone else who was there can explain the details of the proof.

Last Updated on September 24, String theorists are still being hired by universities in substantial numbers; new graduate students are still flocking to string theory to do their Ph. Ideas about higher-dimensional branes have re-invigorated model-building in more conventional particle physics… Cosmologists thinking about the early universe increasingly turn to ideas from string theory.

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Most physicists including even a sizable fraction of string theorists are appalled by this behavior. This problem is obviously hard to quantify and a matter of perspective. Anyone who regularly follows the most well-known blogs run by string theorists pretty soon becomes convinced that they have a real problem. Lubos Motl is the Id of string theory on uncensored display.

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Two out of three recent string theory textbooks prominently carry his endorsement. Among those string theorists without their own blogs who choose to participate in the comment sections of others, a surprising number seem to think that it is an ethical thing to do to post often personal attacks on string theory critics from behind the cover of anonymity.

Less anonymously, a large group of string theorists at the KITP seem to have thought it was an intelligent idea to act like a bunch of jeering baboons, on video, for distribution on the web.

I have to confess that my experience over the last couple years has caused me to come to the conclusion that the string theory community has a much greater problem with personal and professional ethics than I thought when I wrote my book. While I applaud Polchinski for behaving professionally in his response to the two books, I suggest that he should take a look at the behavior of many of his colleagues and ask himself again whether or not there might be a sociological problem here.

Still traveling, but will be back soon.

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From the press release:. String theory elegantly explains fundamental particles as different vibrations of infinitesimal strings, and in doing so solves many lingering problems of modern physics… The equivalence principle could offer one way to test string theory…. Does string theory predict violations of the equivalence principle? Although string theory predicts many new phenomena whose details are not uniquely known, it also implies that many old principles are exactly valid.

If string theory is correct, the superposition principle of quantum mechanics, Lorentz invariance, unitarity, crossing symmetry, equivalence principle etc.

If you believe that string theory is wrong, just prove any of the theories predicting all the bizarre phenomena like Lorentz symmetry breaking, breaking of unitarity, locality, rotational invariance, and so on. Every new test has a potential to falsify the equivalence principle. And there are dozens of such examples. Without string theory, all these laws are approximate accidental laws and symmetries.

I assure you that string theory will pass every new test of this type and its foes will always lose.

Always a Loser

String theory allows us to redefine what proposals about new physics are reasonable and what proposals are not, even without the exact knowledge of the vacuum. Dennis Overbye does an excellent job of covering the story. There are side-bars about the recent problem with the Fermilab magnets and about the implications for string theory not much.

I do fear all this LHC coverage is peaking too early. If Chad is already complaining about this, boy is he going to be grumpy about it by a year from now…. The New Yorker keeps its physics theme going this week with cover art that includes a blackboard full of basic equations from quantum mechanics.

The NY Times article includes the usual not very cogent explanation of the role of the Higgs. For something much better aimed at explaining Higgs-hunting to the general public, see the online interactive presentation Hunt for Higgs , part of a web-site about the LHC called Big Bang. Talks are available here. Ideas discussed include a doubling of the LHC energy using new 17 Tesla magnets, and a huge proton-proton collider called the VLHC to be built deep underground, in the Chicago area. For an interesting article I just ran across about Geoffrey Chew and S-matrix theory during the s, see here.

One of the main themes of the article is that of the rivalry between experimentalists and theorists. CMS experimentalist Robert Cousins describes worries that triggers designed with too much attention paid to theorists could be disastrous:. The only theorist interviewed is Nima Arkani-Hamed, who, while consuming prodigious numbers of espressos, describes the perception of theorists by experimentalists as:.

There is a sense among many experimentalists that theorists are a bunch of irresponsible little spoiled brats who get to sit around all day, having all these fun ideas, drinking espresso and goofing off, with next to no accountability. Last Updated on May 28, Reviews Errata. Not Even Wrong. Skip to content.

Home Frequently Asked Questions. Her name is Elizabeth Okazaki, and evidently for the last four years she has attended graduate physics seminars, used the offices reserved for doctoral and post-doctoral physics students and — for all intents and purposes made the Varian Physics Lab her home this despite the fact that she has no formal affiliation with the university. According to the Stanford paper, students interviewed said that Okazaki: claimed to be a visiting scholar in the humanities, looking to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on string theory.

The San Francisco Chronicle article quotes Stanford graduate student Surjeet Rajendran about the situation as follows: A university has a lot of weird people… Some of the faculty are weird, some of the grad students are weird. Posted in Uncategorized 41 Comments. Naively extrapolating this eternally inflationary trend to the future, pretty much all Strings 1X talks should be about the Landscape… Another indication of where the field is going is the yearly TASI summer school aimed at training graduate students in particle theory.

Posted in Uncategorized 87 Comments. Endless Universe Posted on June 2, by woit. Posted in Book Reviews 29 Comments. Here are various things of interest that accumulated while I was away: Last week there was a conference in Florence on the early history of string theory, some of the talks are available here. Posted in Uncategorized 33 Comments.

Proof of the abc Conjecture? Posted on May 26, by woit. Posted in Uncategorized 19 Comments.

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Posted in Uncategorized Comments. From the press release: …it [a violation of the equivalence principle] could provide the first real evidence for string theory. If Chad is already complaining about this, boy is he going to be grumpy about it by a year from now… The New Yorker keeps its physics theme going this week with cover art that includes a blackboard full of basic equations from quantum mechanics.

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Posted in Uncategorized 71 Comments. The new open access journal PhysMathCentra l has a blog. This means that the objects would be stored almost as 'memory' or fragment of data rather than a physical object in existence. Like Everett, Professor Wiseman and his colleagues propose the universe we experience is just one of a gigantic number of worlds.

They believe some are almost identical to ours, while most are very different. All of these worlds are equally real, existing continuously through time, and possessing precisely defined properties. They suggest that quantum phenomena arise from a universal force of repulsion between 'nearby' worlds which tend to make them more dissimilar. Dr Michael Hall from Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics added that the 'Many-Interacting Worlds' theory may even create the extraordinary possibility of testing for the existence of other worlds.

Dr Michael Hall from Griffith's Centre for Quantum Dynamics says the 'Many-Interacting Worlds' theory may even create the extraordinary possibility of testing for the existence of other worlds. The ability to approximate quantum evolution using a finite number of worlds could have significant ramifications in molecular dynamics, which is important for understanding chemical reactions and the action of drugs. Professor Bill Poirier, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Texas Tech University, has observed: 'These are great ideas, not only conceptually, but also with regard to the new numerical breakthroughs they are almost certain to engender.


The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I tipped off police that my husband was Midsomer murderer: Mother of two, 27, reveals how she found suspicious Google searches on partner's phone and realised he had bludgeoned a grandmother to death with hammer. Some are almost identical to ours while most are very different; All of these worlds are equally real, exist continuously through time, and possess precisely defined properties; All quantum phenomena arise from a universal force of repulsion between 'nearby' i.

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