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What things would signal that? That is what we are gathered here today to answer.

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That and hopefully to see some fantastic pictures of some pudgy babies. I will admit that I fully didn't want to admit that there was such thing as a too chunky baby. I set out writing this article to prove that fact. Then once I did some reading I found that chunky babies are not just sweet rolls and tootsie roll arms. There are sometimes health consequences if they have too much body fat. This is not about looks. As you will be hard pressed to find a pudgy baby that I am not in love at first sight with.

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We are not shaming babies here. Unless you count shaming them for being too stinking adorable for words. This is purely educational. Unfortunately the health risks of the baby do not go down if I think that their 2nd chin is really cute and I do. Only you and your baby's doctors can make determinations when it comes to the health and size of your baby. This article is not mean to imply that your baby is too chubby.

If the parents are overweight it is more likely for the baby to also be overweight. This could be because of the genetics that cause the problem to begin with or it could be the habits in the house that cause the weight gain. This is not meant to be hurtful point to those of us that are struggling our best to lose the baby weight or just struggling to lose any weight.

Trust me, I know this struggle and would never want to make any one feel worse.

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This is something to keep in mind when looking at the health of your child though. Maybe this can help motivate a change in the family. If everyone is working towards modelling good behaviors for the baby to grow up healthy and strong. There are many things that go into healthy habits and I don't want to imply that everyone has equal means to achieve their goals here. Also don't want to imply that the love a parent has for their child is somehow related to how small their waistline can get.

Gestational Diabetes can be a predictor of a chubby baby. It can also be a predictor of a greater struggle with weight and or obesity throughout the baby's life. If the mother dealt with gestational diabetes and the baby appears to be carrying some extra weight, this may be a sign that the baby is too chubby. In this way chubby is more related to the type of fat the baby has.

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Normal baby fat is not a concern, however when risk factors starts stacking up than it's time to take a second look at that baby fat because it now has a more ominous meaning. In this circumstance studies show that 31 percent of babies whose mother's suffered from gestational diabetes were obese by the age of This hits very close as a gestational diabetes sufferer myself. This study makes me feel a little bit guilty, but I know that we can make choices that will hopefully counteract the risk.

A big predictor in if a baby is too chubby is their growth chart. It's not whether their weight is in the 90th percentile or not. It's whether their weight and length stay pretty parallel to each other. If the baby has a length in the 90th percentile and a weight in the 92nd that is a pretty proportionate divide. The problem comes up in two ways. If there weight goes from 25th to 95th between visits that is a concern that the baby is getting a little too chubby.

Also if the baby starts to fall out of their growth chart. In other words. Their weight stays in the 90th percentile, but their height is now in the 20th percentile.

That signals that there could be something worth taking a look at. You want them to follow their growth chart and stay on a steady path there. They are physically able to move, and you've seen them try it out. They just refuse to do it. If there is no limitation on why they shouldn't move, and they seem to refuse to give it a try. They may be a little too chunky. The tricky thing is that once they start moving they likely will lose some of the baby fat.

If your baby is not really wanting to move one thing to try is to put them on their tummy. They might do some work on pushing up or put the toys a little bit out of their reach. Obviously stay there in case they don't push themselves up and need a hand. If you can think of some different ways to get them moving comfortably try that. Maybe a bouncer where they can do some jumping and kicking that will get them a little more active. This especially is something to watch when you are formula feeding. It seems that if they are only be comforted by the bottle at night that they may be more likely to have weight problems in the future.

This means that you should try some different things to soothe.


Why Your Baby Spits Up and Vomits

With breastfeeding the correlation isn't as strong because breasts offer comfort as well and they don't necessarily suck to be fed. Will your child suck on a pacifier. Is your child maybe bored and not hungry. Will rocking them do anything to calm them?

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  • To be clear: if they truly are hungry than you absolutely should feed them. That is without a doubt. It doesn't hurt to try to see if there is anything else wrong before popping in the bottle though. It's an easy first thing to try and maybe it should be the last thing to try for awhile. There seems to be a lot of pressure to start solids early with baby's. I'm not sure why. I remember it happening with mine. It could be the "promise" of a longer sleep if their belly is full with solids or it could be a wive's tale that I'm not familiar with.

    The typical timeframe that is approved by most pediatricians is 6 months of age.

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    Some green light as early as 4 months. If you start your baby on solids before that time frame they may not have the proper stomach developed to handle those foods yet. Also if they are heavy to begin with it's generally not a good idea to start the solids. This could compound the problem in the future.

    10 things you never knew about newborn babies

    No matter when you start the solids, make sure that you are paying attention to when the baby is full. Do not push more food when the baby turns their head away. This could be more predominate in formula feeding, but you should not continue to push them to eat when they are full. That last ounce if they have decided they are at a comfortable place is not worth forcing on them.

    This eventually could impede their ability to decide when they truly are full. This can happen with breastfeeding too, but from experience when I could see in the bottle how much was left in there - I felt more likely to try to get them to eat every drop. Especially if there was a standard amount that the baby generally ate. But, if the bleeding or discharge persists past the first week or if you notice a foul odour contact your GP as this can be a sign of infection. No she isn't a super early developer! You could even notice them secreting a little milk. Fret not; the swelling will go down over the first few weeks and months.

    Try rubbing the hands or feet to warm them, put on some socks or even just offer some warm lovely cuddles. If you notice that the lips are also blue or purple this can be a sign of reduced oxygen and you should seek emergency medical advice. You might notice some tiny white spots on your newborn baby's face. They are completely harmless and will disappear over the first few weeks. As this comes off and the skin dries out, you may notice that baby's skin begins to peel or even crack particularly around the ankles or wrists.

    The breastbone is made up of three parts and babies immature muscles simply highlight how these are all pieced together. As your baby grows and their muscles begin to mature, this piece will be pulled straight and the indentation will disappear. This simple yet accurate introduction to the invisible world of physics is a great way to inspire a love of science and awe for our amazing world. Welcome , by Mo Willems For anyone who has wished life came with a user guide, this book is a clever introduction to the weird, wonderful thing we call life.

    Addressed to babies, this is a witty book parents and older siblings will treasure as well.