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Be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID and your social security card or other proof of your social security number.

We'll send you a link to create a new password.

Double check your photo ID and Social Security card to ensure your name is exactly the same on both documents as they need to match exactly to claim your winnings. If you have questions about what you need to claim, call Not a U. S citizen but you reside in the U. No problem.

Official Home of the Virginia Lottery

Just bring your green card permanent resident card , a government-issued photo ID a Visa will work and an official document displaying your Social Security number. You can also claim your prize through the mail. Sign your ticket and mail it to : Virginia Lottery Claims, P.

Box , Richmond, VA, Be sure to complete the requested information on the back of the ticket so the Lottery knows where to send the check or Visa debit card. It's a good idea to make copies of the front and back of the ticket, and use registered mail to make sure your ticket arrives safely. Draw-game tickets expire days after the drawing.

You Won? You Won!

Scratchers expire days after the end of the game. If you don't see that game listed there, that ticket may have expired which means you may be out of luck. If you win a large prize, your name and photo might be posted on the Virginia Lottery website and possibly reported in news media. This proves that real people really win Virginia Lottery games. If you never heard about anyone winning the Lottery, would you play? To collect a prize, you need to show government-issued photo ID to prove you meet all the criteria to claim a Virginia Lottery prize.

If you don't see the one you use on this list, you may need to get a new ID to claim your prize. The types of photo IDs accepted by the Virginia Lottery are:. Social Security number documentation is a second requirement to claim your Lottery prize. The following types of documentation can be used to claim a prize from the Virginia Lottery:.

Every time you play the Virginia Lottery, kids across the Commonwealth are the real winners. All Lottery profits go to the K public schools in Virginia. Information is collected to validate and process a claim and for promotional, investigative and administrative purposes. By submitting this claim, you consent and agree to such use, and waive any and all claims whether known now or in the future related thereto. Once a prize has been validated, the following facts are public information and may be subject to disclosure: i name, ii city and state of residence, iii game played, iv amount won, and v date won.

For purposes of this subsection, amount won means the nominal prize amount, the cash payment if different from the nominal prize amount, and the cash payment after taxes are withheld. The Virginia Lottery will not disclose any other personal or identifying information without your permission unless legally mandated to do so.

Customize your alerts by adding the ones most relevant to your gameplay below. If you have purchased a Subscription or entered a Lottery promotion in the past year, you are already a member and may login.

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The Lottery wants to make playing our games and claiming any winning prize easy. Don't wait too long Draw-game tickets expire days after the drawing. Acceptable government-Issued photo IDs To collect a prize, you need to show government-issued photo ID to prove you meet all the criteria to claim a Virginia Lottery prize. The Virginia Lottery supports K public schools Every time you play the Virginia Lottery, kids across the Commonwealth are the real winners.

Lottery Headquarters Office Hours: a. The advertised Powerball jackpot represents an estimate of the annuity amount, which is paid in 30 graduated installments, with the first paid at the time the prize is claimed. There is also a cash prize payment option equal to the jackpot prize pool. Jackpot prizes are pari-mutuel and are divided equally among all jackpot-winning tickets. Jackpot prizes are available for payment after the 15th calendar day following the drawing, and winners have 60 days from the date of claim to decide on a payment option.

In blue or black ink, fill out a playslip with your numbers and game options. You may play up to five sets of numbers on each playslip. This option is best when you want to choose your own numbers.

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  • Be sure to check your playslip carefully. Powerball tickets cannot be cancelled.

    When You Win

    Ask the Retailer. If you want a Quick Pick, tell the clerk. You can play up to 10 Quick Picks on one ticket. Be sure to note whether you want to add Power Play or multidraw when placing your order. Power Play does not apply to the jackpot prize. All prizes including Power Play prizes may become pari-mutuel if claims exceed available prize funds. The advertised Jackpot Prize represents an estimate of the annuity amount which would be paid in 30 graduated installments.

    The jackpot prize is pari-mutuel, meaning it will be divided equally among multiple winners. In accordance with game rules certain Power Play prizes may become pari-mutuel if claims exceed available prize funds. Power Play does not apply to the Jackpot Prize. State law prevents the sale of Louisiana Lottery products through the Internet. Only licensed retailers are legally authorized to sell Louisiana Lottery tickets. If you win a prize during one of the drawings, you do not have to wait until the last drawing has occurred before collecting those winnings.

    The retailer will retain the original ticket as it is no longer valid and give your exchange ticket with your winnings. For more information, visit the Claim a Prize page. Winning scratch-off tickets can be claimed up to 90 days following the closure of the game.


    A list of closed games and end-of-redemption dates can be found on this website. Winning draw-style game tickets can be claimed up to days following the drawing in which the prize was won. Winners have 60 days after the ticket is validated by the lottery to elect either the annuity or cash payment option. Since joining the multistate game in March , Louisiana has had a total of 17 Powerball jackpot winners.

    Boyer, Jr. The prize on a winning lottery ticket may be split among a group of ticket owners; however only one prize check is issued. The prize check is issued to either one person or legal entity partnership, trust, etc. Each member of the group provides a completed IRS Form W-9 for tax reporting purposes at the time of the claim. The person receiving the check for the group also provides picture identification and is responsible for distributing the winnings to the group members.

    The Federal Form allows the Lottery to send a separate W-2G tax form to each individual winner noting the amount won and withheld on their behalf. The Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot prize may be paid in the annuity payment format or the single payment cash option. The group members must decide on one payment option; it is not possible for some group members to take the cash option and others to choose the annuity. While it is not necessary for a group of people to form a legal entity to claim the cash option, the Lottery asks a group of winners to form a legal entity with an assigned tax identification number for a jackpot prize paid in annual installments.

    This simplifies the tax reporting and prize distribution for a group of people receiving payments over an extended time. When claiming a prize as a legal entity, the legal document organizing the entity must list the name of each member of the group, their city of residence, and the portion of the prize each person will receive. The Lottery encourages all players to seek financial advice before claiming a large jackpot prize. As with all claims, the names of those receiving prize funds and their city of residence is public record.

    Players should sign the back of their ticket for security purposes, secure their ticket and treat it as cash. We also recommend that players who believe they hold a Powerball, Mega Millions or Lotto jackpot-winning ticket contact the Lottery's headquarters immediately at to schedule a time to claim their prize and have their questions answered. This will facilitate a smooth prize payment process. Players who believe they hold a jackpot-winning ticket must bring the original ticket to the Lottery's corporate headquarters in Baton Rouge within days of the drawing in which the prize was won for verification and any prize payment.

    The Lottery recommends that before coming to claim a jackpot prize, winners get financial advice so they fully understand the tax or other legal implications involved.

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    • Under the Lottery's statute, all prize payment records are open records, meaning that the public has a right to request the information. Depending upon the amount won and public or media interest in the win, winners may NOT be able to remain anonymous. The statute also allows the Lottery to use winners' names and city of residence for publicity purposes such as news releases. The Lottery's regular practice is not to use winner information in paid advertising or product promotion without the winner's willingness to participate. When a prize is claimed it becomes the property of that individual, even if the prize is paid out as an annuity.

      Hence, all winnings become a part of the estate of the deceased. Power Play prizes are not shown.

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      Tickets must be validated at a retailer or Lottery office for prize payment. The Drawing Powerball drawings are held every Wednesday and Saturday evening at p. How Multidraw Works Save time with multidraw by playing your numbers for multiple drawings.